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Newspaper access notes:

These newspaper scans are LARGE FILES!  They range from 10MB to 140MB in size.  The time to download these documents will depend on the speed of  your Internet connection. Right click on the files you wish to download and save them to your local PCs.

The following newspaper scans are in Adobe pdf format.   These documents have all been scanned with Optical Character Recognition so that text can be searched within each of the documnents.  Open the documents in an Adobe file reader and then search for text strings as needed.

Thanks to Bob Best and the News Progress for making available copies of the Sullivan Progress from 1916 and 1919 through 1948 so that they could be digitized and placed on this web site. These issues of the Progress make up the bulk of what is now available here in digital form.

Thanks also to the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society for making available microfilm versions of various other early Sullivan newspapers, including the Sullivan Express for the years 1857 through 1860, and to Paul Stone for facilitating the arrangements for digitizing these microfilm files.

All the newspaper files below are in PDF format.  It is best to right click on the file desired and save to  your disk.  The file size is to the right of the file names.

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